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Account Error CS1011 on mini box

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Hi there

I had my main 360 box replaced a few days ago as it had a faulty hard drive.  My mini box wasn't connected via a coax cable at the time as the wire trails across the floor if we need it to be connected.

I asked the engineer a couple of times does it need to be connected so it can "pair" with the new box.  He said no it will be fine the next time you connect them.  I got around to this today and there was an issue with it not picking up any channels saying I wasn't subscribed to them so I rebooted the box and now get the we can't retrieve your account details and the error code CS1011.

I phoned up as I had read on here that I may need to register my serial number again and the person said I could do that online.  When I came to try and find the page to do so I couldn't so tried live chat and got the runaround from 3 or 4 different teams before saying it was being passed to another team who'd be in touch within 5 days- hardly ideal.

Now looking at how others have had the issue solved this seems a very prolonged and convoluted way in comparison- is there any way of getting it sorted quicker?


Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

Hi @inbetweendays

The CS1011 account retreival error is because the mini box box hasn't been fully set up on VM's systems yet, or possibly because the box hasn't been activated.

You could try calling 0800 953 9500 to activate the mini box -  you will need the box serial number, and your account and area number

You could also try  speaking to  New accounts and Set Up to see if they can complete the setup and activation (option 3) when dialling 150 from a Virgin landline , or 0345 4541111 from any other phone

If that's unsuccessful it will need to be passed to 2nd/3rd level support to update the systems manually which may take 48/72 hours, and if that fails it will require a box swap.

I don't work for Virgin Media.
I'm a Very Insightful Person, I'm here to share knowledge.
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Thanks @newapollo

I have already tried the 0800 953 9500 number and they were the ones that told me I could register my box online.

But I'll try the New Accounts and Set Up route via 150 and see how that goes

Tried dialling 150 but wasn't given the option for New Account setup- maybe as has my number  registered as an existing account holder

Managed to get it sorted yesterday over WhatsApp and a very helpful person- he just sent a signal down the line and it was all good.

Not sure why the people I chatted with earlier in the week couldn't have done that.

Hey there @inbetweendays, thanks for reaching out to us.

I'm sorry to hear about the issues you've had with the activation but I am glad to hear it has been sorted out.
I do apologise as to why this post wan't picked up earlier, if myself or one of my colleagues were able to, we could've got this done sooner.

Enjoy use of your new services and feel free to reach out here if you ever need anything 🙂

Kind regards.

Forum Team

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