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Accidental purchase

Joining in

I accidentally purchased a service when I tried to test my pin. I forgot what the pin was so it locked me out for 15 mins. I had to then change it in settings.  

Once changed I tested it on a channel which I assumed was a preview channel. I immediately got a message stating I purchased a ticket or something. I left the channel and tried looking online to see how to cancel the purchase but so far I’ve had no joy.  Please can a mod sort this for me or explain how I can avoid being charged. 



Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi NeoTheOne. 

Welcome back to the forums. Thank you for posting. 

I am really sorry, but we won't be able to refund any purchases made, even done by accident. The pin is there for your security and can only be known by you or anyone you choose to tell. The pin is there to prevent any accidental purchases. 

For the future, to avoid any charges, we recommend to try and check the pin by navigating to a movies channel. 

Thank you. 

Ari - Forum Team

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