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Tuning in

Hi. We were out of contact and signed a new 18minth one on Sunday. We weren't aware that we could upgrade from V6 to 360 when we renewed. Is it still possible please? Thanks 


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Yes it is possible, you can phone 150 and select the I am thinking of leaving option to speak to retensions that's the I am thinking of leaving option to change your contract, have you checked on the forum to see the differences between the two systems, the V6 TiVo software has a few features the 360 Horizon software doesn't have. At some point everyone will be moved to 360.


Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

Most here would consider moving to V360 a migration rather than an “upgrade”. The Horizon firmware running these boxes is COMPLETELY different & has its bad points as well as good. You would do well to read through the threads on here thoroughly before committing as:

1) Migrating is completely voluntary. The V6 TiVO system is NOT obsolete & will be around for a while yet.

2) Once you have migrated there is no way back if you don’t like it.

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