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360 vs TV6

On our wavelength

Got a TV6 box in two rooms but really thinking of taking the plunge with 360. Really like the new interface and feel it would be a nice thing to have for christmas, but (and I appreciate there's lots of posts like this but...) how does it compare to TV6?

Created a new post as I imagine there's been updates (4.43?) and so what was fact a few months ago will be different now.

What we use TV6 for at the moment is simply to watch TV, watch on Demand content and set series links. Don't use the thumbs up or down and it drives us a little mad when it auto records items.

I see with TV6 you can have different profiles but does this mean it fills up quicker?

Be interesting to hear your thoughts.


Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

There's numerous threads, use the forum's search function to get a flavour of opinions but perhaps this one is one of the more notable.

Ultimately, opinions vary wildly, but from the POV of a V6 user...

Watching live TV, both boxes do the same thing but I'll argue for V6 purely on the basis of 6 tuners all buffering live TV - TV360 only buffers if you're recording a programme, idle tuners don't buffer.

OnDemand content, both largely do the same but just come at it differently. Arguably a small advantage for TV360 here, that the integration with the TV Go app is closer, and you can bookmark programmes on a mobile device and pick them up on the TV box. You can do similarly on V6 using TV Control, but not quite the same.

Series links - one-up for V6 here. TV360 has them, but V6's are far more powerful and tweakable. TV360 is a single-channel, V6 is either single or multi-channel, also TV360 can only set SL's when a programme is in the broadcast EPG - V6 can set them from a single VoD/guide entry regardless of past, present or VoD-only.

Auto-recording can be easily disabled, the facility is optional - my box is in use at the moment so this is from memory but Help & Settings > Settings > Recordings > Suggestions.

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