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360 upgrade first impressions

Upgraded my 2 v6 boxes to 360 yesterday (Friday 4th December)

First impressions I really like it. The interface is much slicker than previous system. Using the amazon app is a breeze. Loads really quick in fact everything seems much quicker

Voice control is far from a gimmick. It's easy to search for programmes using it and to move around a recording such as rewind 30 minutes, advance 20 etc 

My searches seem to find amazon prime listings alongside the usual channels. Ive seen it mentioned that this doesn't happen but it is for me

The integration with my surround sound and TV is complete. No need for other remotes now 


I did have a problem with sound buffering and dropouts but I changed the audio content to follow content from the convert all to dolby digital option. I prefer my audio in the format of the original content anyway 


Series link doesn't seem to be the Pain I thought it would be. Series will record all episodes from the series you click on going forward  so if you record gogglebox from series 16 (current series) all episodes from series 16 onwards will record even if you've already watched them BUT episodes from previous series will not record. However if you set series link with an episode ftom series 14 then it would record all episodes from that series and 15 and 16 going forward 


Recording just single episodes though is  easy as when you press record it lists all episodes going forward at same time so you just click them all


Love that everything is in the same place. It's far neater 


To sum up I thought I'd made a mistake upgrading when I read all the problems and dislikes on these threads but for me it's an excellent product that will be improved going forward a big thumbs up ftom me