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360 tv box, turn pin off

  • Is there anyway to completely turn the pin requirements off on my 360 TV box, there's only me here and I'm many decades over 18 years old ‌😳‌ 
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Re: 360 tv box, turn pin off

Hi @Elliebs 

I'm afraid it isn't possible.

It's a mandatory OFCOM directive and affects Sky as well as Virgin, they can't transmit (or re-transmit) any programme or film rated higher than 12+ out of watershed hours without the viewing PIN being locked on.

It was introduced as part of an agreement that Sky got to broadcast higher rated films that would ordinarily have been behind a watershed during the day. It affects various channels such as Sky Cinema, Sky Documentaries and Sky Comedy. They all have mandatory PIN protection for shows they broadcast outside the watershed hours. This also applies to normal programs, movies, box sets etc.

On Demand also has PIN protection based on the watershed hours.

This  also applies to some Startover programs, if you have missed the start you can watch live without a pin, but if you watch from the start you need a pin


I don't work for Virgin Media.

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