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360 sound issue

I have upgraded from a V6 to a 360 box and now have a problem with sound through my amp.

This is how sound was configured through my V6 box - HDMI cable from box to TV (LG 49UF770V), optical cable from TV to amp (Tangent Ampster BT). Through my TV I could set audio to come from the TV, optical out or both – which worked fine for any of these options.

With the same setup but using the 360 box, I get no sound through my amp and I am unable to successfully pair my remote to my amp (through the option pair remote to audio system). Somewhat bizarrely when trying to pair my remote to my amp I get the message ‘Older or rarer TV modules might not pair’.

I have also tried plugging the optical cable directly to my amp – but still no sound. I have tested my optical cable, and this is fine.

Any suggestions on how I can get sound through my amp with the 360 box?

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