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360 is brilliant...

Hello All,

New Virgin Media customer and my first forum post! 🙂

I've just completed a Virgin TV 360 self install and been using Virgin TV 360 for about an hour...

So I was just sent a remote control, and used that to trigger the upgrade to me existing V6 box.

My initial impressions... It is brilliant... 🙂

I intend to post some more detailed impressions and help about the new service soon to help others, but for now, wow!

Just to give you some background about me, I have moved from BT broadband and TV to Virgin Media, and the only reason was because of the new 360 TV service.

I know from reading the forums that some users are missing some features and functions they had with their V6 boxes, however, I'm new, and never really got too attached to the V6 system, in fact, didn't want to...

For me, the new 360 service is exactly what I wanted, it's graphic rich, well designed, easy to use, and easy to setup.

I'm sure as I explore the service more there will be things I would like improved, but so far all I can say is thank you Virgin Media!

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Re: 360 is brilliant...

I've no problem with it either. Prefer it to v6 software and it's more reliable. Apps (though there are few at moment due to virgin awaiting licensing of apps for use with 360) work every time and its quick too. With v6 a lot of apps failed after several minutes wait 

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Re: 360 is brilliant...

Same here I love it I never liked TiVo it was bulky and ugly this is a breath of fresh air I’m not bothered anymore about leaving skyQ keep the updates coming and it will be fine 

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Re: 360 is brilliant...

It's definitely missing some features that were useful:

The "New only" option for Series Links (which seems like a pretty fundamental oversight as series links are the main feature of a PVR) but it does sound like they are trying to fix this ASAP.

Series Link+ which integrates OnDemand\Netflix\Amazon and TV recordings really cleanly.

Skip back after fast-forwarding, not the end of the world but definitely a nice feature, especially as broadcasters seem to be making it deliberately harder to spot the end of ad breaks.

Suggestions, sometimes came up with some good stuff.

Undelete, a life saver every now and again!

Multi-channel buffering with record from start option - Seems like the 360 version of record from start basically just sends you to the OnDemand service which only works if the program is actually already available.

At least some of these will hopefully be sorted over time, but I think the big one we lose is going to be Wishlists, and sounds like they have no plans to introduce them (maybe a TiVo patent), as that was one of the most powerful and unique features of the TiVo\V6 software, being able to set up quite complex auto-recordings for specific people\genres\subjects\titles (and combinations thereof) was really good for picking up programs of interest that might otherwise have been missed.

Most of the additions seem a bit gimmicky, voice control is likely to be good for searching but beyond that once you've used it once or twice to fast forward etc. I'm sure it will prove to be far easier to just pick up the remote and press the button (especially as you have to pick up the remote and press a button to use voice control anyway). I currently have the option for voice control on my V6 but have never bothered to set it up for that reason.

I think the big hope I have with it when I do have to change over is that it fixes the HDCP issues that the V6 box has, so that I can actually watch Netflix, Amazon and OnDemand on it, as currently those don't work for me, despite the fact that all my kit is 4K HDCP 2.2 compliant and works fine with every other device I've used, but that is potentially a hardware issue rather than software, so it may not make any difference.

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