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360 has sound but no picture

Joining in

All working fine tonight and then the TV screen goes blank but sound stays on. Remote works OK.  Done the usual resetting to no avail.


Joining in

After agreeing with technical support to try my 360 box onto a different TV in our house it has created the same fault of blank screen on my LG and Panasonic.  I think its blocking or stopped the LED back lights from powering up as I can shine a LED torch at the screen and see the images. So 2 TVs that don't work properly.

Any thoughts? 

Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

Did you use the same HDMI cable with both TV's? 

If so then try a different HDMI cable. Also try unseating and re-seating the HDMI cable in the 360 box.

Also the remote should have needed pairing again when you swapped TV's around - can you actualkly see any menu's or the EPG?


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