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360 box

Tuning in

just got ours yesterday & after installation & the wife setting up her recordings. when its recording, theres no lights on indicating that its recording something, is this normal. also noticed there is no activity lights on the new hub we got either ( possibly hub 3 ). any help would be great, thank you


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Sounds completely normal, the last Virgin box to have recording lights was the old TiVo box, the V6 and now the 360 don't have recording lights, the only light is the power light and the loss of network connection light that flashes.

No activity light on hub 3 either unless it's booting up or lost it's connection, you don't want a red light.


Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

You're correct, there is no visual indication on TV360 that a recording is taking place.

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Tuning in

thanks for the replies, much appreciated