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360 box rebooting while watching CH5

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Bit of a strange one, my 360 box regularly reboots, but only when I'm watching CH5 or 5 Action (maybe 5 min into watching, sometimes longer.) This even seems to happen while watching recordings of said channels.

It always starts with a CS2002 error message, sometimes I am able to change channels, sometimes the box does a reboot to the Welcome screen 

I haven't noticed it happening on other channels, but not 100% sure.

Any ideas? 

I'm sure a few would be happy to not be able to view CH5, but I am partial to Police Interceptors and the like...



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Did a few tests and 5 USA and 5 Star channels also cause the crash/reboot.

5 Select seems to be fine though, as were a few non 5 channels...


Funny enough I came onto this forum to see if anyone’s been having this issue also. I’ve been getting both my main TV360 and mini box crashing randomly. The issue started all of a sudden late last week…I’m sure that this is an issue at VMs end!

Hi Odds


Sorry to hear of the issues experienced with your TV services, we're aware of an issue (as advised here) the team are working on with a view to resolving as soon as possible.


Apologies for the inconveneince.



Thanks Rob, just saw the pinned post!

Still seems very strange that it only seems to happen on the 5 family of channels for me at least!