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360 box problem

When watching a programme with adverts,how can you fast forward through the adverts

with the 360 remote and see where the adverts end?It seems to fast foward in minutes and

seconds without viewing the advert.

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Re: 360 box problem

Hi @Terrysutt 

To skip forwards/backwards 15 minutes in recordings - press MIC and say "go forward 15 minutes" or "go back 15 minutes" or whatever time you want.

To avoid adverts on streamed & on demand say "skip forward three minutes" or "fast forward 3 minutes" ( with some channels and/or recorded programs it's 4 minutes, the mileage varies)

You can also use the left and right arrow buttons either side of the OK button to skip forward in 30 seconds intervals and back 10 seconds


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Re: 360 box problem

The way I read your question is you need to press the double arrow button above the '3' key, you have 4 speeds depending on how many times you press the button, when fast forwarding you can press the TV button to turn off the graphics, you can then press the play button to start watching. This way you will see when the adverts end, or try newapollo's advice.