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360 box issue

Joining in

360 box hasn’t worked for 3 days. The tv gets stuck on the red virgin media logo with a black screen behind. If it does EVENRUALLY move on it moves onto a black screen. 

after speaking to someone yesterday and being told the earliest an engineer could come out was WEDNESDAY I reluctantly accepted this. However today after being called my a technician to try and repair over the phone they told us we weren’t booked in at all. 
another call to VM to be apologised to and told someone will be here within 4 hours.

called up just now to find out what the update is to be told no one is coming today it’s booked for THURSDAY. What? Requested to speak to a manager. After ‘manager’ refused to comment on VM’s stance on their employees lying to elderly people especially as my mum is disabled. Eventually after making it seem like they were doing me a huge favour by getting someone out a day ahead so on weds the manager hung up on me without confirming. 

ANOTHER call to VM to find out if booked in for Wednesday or not. Tried to file 2 complaints to be told the manager is busy so can’t be done now. 

So 3+ days without a tv for £100 a month. And the compensation will probably be the value or the days lost. Not extra for the stress and upset caused. 

This box is awful, and the service this company provides is even worse. 

it never used to be this bad. Been a VM customer for more than 20 years. 


Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

Hi @lascanlra 

Sorry to see that the appointment for the TV issue is going to take longer than you expected/hoped for, however two to three days is about right for a tech visit. It can sometimes be sooner,  and often longer due to availability.

One thing you or you mum (whoever is the account holder) can do is ask for a vulnerability marker to be added to the account since your mum is elderly and disabled.  Sadly it won't help with TV issues, but it will provide priority appointments for home phone and broadband issues.  


EDIT - Just to add automatic compensation isn't available for loss of TV services, so you would need to ask for a goodwill gesture/service charge credit as compensation.

Alos, if you have access to the set top box you could try the following which has worked for some forum members.

Turn off the 360 at the switch;  then on the 360 box  hold down both the power button and the + button at the same time.

Then turn on the 360 again whilst keeping hold of those buttons for a further 30 seconds.

The box should reboot, the power button will turn blue, and hopefully should reset and boot up normally

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