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Re: 360 box and mini box

Thanks for your reply.

I called VM again because I was getting the message M63 (problem with the account). So the call centre person contradicted everything that the previous 2 had said and told me to unplug the V6 and reinstall the TiVo. She also started referring to Mini Box and "Big Box" , which confused me somewhat. After now about 7 hours of this stuff I did ask her if she knew what she was talking about. So she just gave up and said she will send an engineer next week. I was relieved. I can't believe how it makes your blood pressure shoot up when you have been hanging on the phone for an hour, then told that you are in the wrong department, and then another wait , and then the person asks what you want, and then tells you something that turns out to be wrong - because the next person along contradicts them.

It seems to me.that VM have put out a product on which they don't have sufficient training or support.

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Re: 360 box and mini box

I had the same issue when I got the v6. It was only just released when I upgraded and the engineer admitted he didnt know how to pair the remote via RF. I had to figure it out myself.

When I upgraded to oomph aswell, I had to be referred to a special department to deal with any queries as the usual staff couldn't help.

They just dont seem to have the knowledge at point of launch!

Glad you have an engineer coming to sort it now. 

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