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360 box TV guide channel list

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Hi, is there any way to set the TV guide to start from channel 101 without setting up a profile of all my channels or pressing 1/saying top into the voice option? Mine starts on 400 for some bizarre reason and it’s driving us nuts. Thank you 


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The EPG should open with the channel you are watching highlighted, if your guide is always starting on 400 are you sure someone hasn't already set a profile, the shared profile is the default profile. If this isn't the case and you want to set it back to "normal" then maybe a factory reset of the box will work.

Someone did say they changed their Guide to start at the top but I can't confirm that this will work, see message 4 on this thread 


Thanks, I’ve only just got the box and set it up so no profiles set up as yet which is why I’m confused 😐 I’ll take a look at the thread you’ve posted and try that if a reset doesn’t work.

If you do try that and get the guide to start at the top it would be good to know.


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Very Insightful Person

Hi @Greenlisa22 

When you are in the EPG press the Home button, then press Right on the navigational pad, then press the OK button and select "Entertainment" This will take the guide to 101. If you selected "movies" it would take you to 400.

To be honest it's much easier though to hold the Voice button and say "101"

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Hello Greenlisa22


Thanks for posting in regards to the TV service, EPG and the starting channel. We appreciate you raising this via the forums and welcome to the community.


The tips offered by newapollo are an easy way to got to the channel you want. We have general help here and remote control support here. If you need any further assistance please don't hesitate to ask.