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Re: 360 Updated From V6 Is Bad!

@theinvisibleman wrote:

Okay 1.3x speed... shee, some people are so picky.


Watching live TV using Quick View

Quick View allows you to play shows at 1.3 x normal speed with pitch-corrected audio, so you don't have to listen to high-pitched audio while you watch your favourite shows in less time.

Quick View is particularly great for news and sports programs, and is available for all recorded shows and Delay TV (up until you reach the live TV point).

  1. While watching a show, press Play on the remote to bring up the Trickplay Bar
  2. Press OK to start Quick View Mode
  3. When you’re finished watching in Quick View, repeat the above steps to resume watching at normal speed

Yes I miss that as well, unfortunately it is owned by TiVo apparently so we won't see it in an upgrade.


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