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360 Remote not remembering app sign in

Tuning in

Hello wise people,

I've had the new virgin 360 remote for a few days. Its great - managed to pair it to the TV and the sound system. Navigating around fine however everything I go to an app (iplayer, its hub etc) I have to keep signing in. It won't remember any details. Very frustrating.. the same happens with Netflix but when I have signed in- nothing will play. Checked the WiFi- not a problem. 

Any suggestions? Thank you 😊 


Community elder


Is the 360 set to fast start or active start and not switched off at the plug you shouldn't have to sign in again to your apps.


Thanks for the reply. Yes - its on active (now fast) start. Never switched off at the plug. Forgets the log in details with same use period. For example- signed into Netflix tonight it wouldn't play what we wanted to went back to the TV - then when tried Netflix again it wanted my full sign in details.

BBC iplayer the same! Very frustrating πŸ˜• 

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You could try turning the 360 off with the switch on the back of the box and then reboot the hub, (which hub do you have), when the hub restarts turn the 360 back on, probably get asked to do this if you phone in. If this makes no difference you could then try doing a factory reset, go to Settings > System > Factory Reset

It's only a partial system reset and not a complete factory reset. You are given 2 options,

Keep Recordings
Format Disk

Choose Keep Recordings, that means you won't lose your recordings and any planned recordings or series links you've set up,  but you will have to sign into all your apps such as iPlayer, Prime, Netflix and ITV Hub again, also Match frame rate and Standby power consumption will go back to their default settings if you have changed them.

If the problem persists then then call Virgin on 150 from your Virgin phone, mobile or landline, or 0345 454 1111 from any other phone or wait for a member of the forum team to pick this up which could be 2 to 3 day's, you would need to post an update for the forum team.


Hey Ames78, thanks for posting on our help forum about this issue.

We're sorry to see you've had issues with keeping on the login details on your TV box app before re-accessing for faster, has this always been an issue or did it start happening after you've received the new remote which was used to turn your box into 360?

Also, have you got an option to tick such as ''remember my login details'' once you type in your credentials to access it and is that always ticked?

Please, let us know how you get on since your last post here on Tuesday and if you still need our help with this.

Forum Team

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It has only been a problem since receiving the new remote. The old remote/tivo box had no problems. Its very frustrating! Even with ticking a box to remember credentials which is on Netflix but not the freeview apps - it still doesn't remember the log in details.

I will try and reboot - what do I do for this? Don't want to have to reset WiFi passwords on all the household items! 

Still very much need help with this πŸ™‚

Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

Hi @Ames78 

Just turn off the hub and the 360 using the rocker switch on the back. Leave it a minute then turn it on again.

It won't affect your broadband connection or broadband passwords, but it will take around 6 or 7 minutes for the broadband to reboot fully.

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Thank you. I'll try that πŸ˜„

Hi all

Tried all the suggestions - rebooted, restoring factory settings and pairing again. There is still a problem and its driving me mad.

Tried to phone virgin- they just send a text with a link for help. None of the online advice works or is relevant. It takes me back to phoning again.

What can I do? 

Best wishes 

Hi Ames78,

Thank you for reaching out to us in our community and welcome, sorry to see you have been facing issues with your 360 box not saving passwords since you got a new Remote, I was able to locate you on our system with the details we have for you and can see we have been trying to contract you.