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360 Remote not pairing with box

Tuning in

Hi there, I’ve recently had a second box installed by the Virgin technician. However I didn’t connect to my TV until a few weeks later. On doing so, I can’t get the new remote to pair with my new box. I’ve tried the various key combinations e.g TV and 0 and TV and rewind plus taken batteries out for 30 secs all to no avail. I fear I’ve been supplied with a dodgy remote. What more can I do in this situation? Thanks! Dan



You could try this;

Put the box into 'Pairing Mode' by pressing the Standby/On button on the front of the box for 10 seconds. 

Then using the remote control, press and hold the 'TV' button and the '0' button together for 10 seconds.

Has the box been activated since it was installed, if it hasn't been on for I believe 4 weeks it could have been deactivated.


Tuning in

Many thanks & much appreciated!