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360 Recordings - all grouped together. Not in individual Profiles... Why ???

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After getting emails telling me how I could update my TWO v6 boxes to the latest 360 service I finally took the plunge & decided to go ahead especially after reading about the new features available.

One such article I read up about (although not the main reason for upgrading) was about 'Profiles' such as this shown on the actual Virgin Website

We’ve all got different TV tastes. Some of us love to binge reality TV, while some of us need a brutal Scandi noir with ugly knitwear and subtitles to properly switch off. Both great options, but neither group wants to switch on their telly and find the other on their watchlist.

Which I thought was very handy.
Based on this it seemed I could set up Profiles for each member & by selecting their own profile then whatever they've recorded or favourite channels they watch, they would be the ONLY things showing making things easier to scroll through etc.
Example: I like Scifi & horror shows while the other half likes her Soaps & Factual

Imaging my surprise when after work when I got home late at night I decided I'll watch one of my recordings while the other half was upstairs asleep.

I switch on TV & Cable box, select my own Profile (I had already set up 2 profiles, one for each of us), go to 'Recordings' & I find that EVERY SINGLE RECORDING was being listed from BOTH OF US. I even had to check that I DID select my own profile & wasn't on hers or 'Shared' by mistake

I had to scroll through all of her recordings (Bargain Brits in the sun, Cash in the attic, Coronation street, Eastenders etc etc) until I finally got to my ONE recording (Lucifier).

Some of my other recordings were not even there, which I find later that the other half actually deleted as she thought 'Hang on I didn't record that - why is it under my Profile, must've made a mistake' (She's not so tech savvy as me)

- And Yes... I do know about the selection of 'Show recordings on this box' - that didn't help as all recording were on same box

How come ??

 It is ACTUALLY STATED that 'neither group wants to switch on their telly and find the other on their watchlist.' so WHY.. oh.. Why are recordings NOT in separate Profiles and are grouped all together

Were the software developers asleep & overlooked this.

If I actually KNEW of this bug (I can only assume that this is a bug & not intentional) I may've consider NOT even upgrading (or is this actually Downgrading ??) until it was fixed. At least with the V6 boxes we could've had our recordings on different boxes (I would've had to watch my stuff on the upstairs box while she watched her stuff downstairs or visa versa)

I'm not even the only one that expected Profiles to work like this as I've seen others mention this problem on these forums

Are there plans to have an update that will fix this obvious mistake ??... If so when ??


Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

Hi @CannonFoddr 

Since you originally had two V6 boxes then following the switch to the 360 operating ystem you will have two separate boxes with recording facilities. 

You need to tell the 360 which box you want the recording to be made on. 

When setting up a series link go to Advanced and select which box you want the recording to be made on. It will then be recorded on that box going forward, even if the default recording box is the other one.

So all you need to do is reset your series links to record on the box you want them to. Unfortunately to reset the links, you'll need to delete and reset. You can also use the same method to record individual programs rather than series.


Once you are in the Recordings > Recorded (View all) section use the remote directional pad to move up and click on Recorded (to the right of the search icon)

This opens up aa new menu  where you can select from Recorded, Recorded on this Virgin TV box, Planned, and Planned for this Virgin TV box.

I don't work for Virgin Media.
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Thanks for that bit of advice - as I already said I already knew about 'Recordings on this box' option.

Maybe I didn't make myself clear enough what my post was mainly about is "WHY is it that ALL recordings are shown even when a profile is selected"

IF I selected MY Profile - why is it I was shown all the recordings that were recorded by the other half regardless of whether it was recorded downltairs/upstairs or wherever the original planned recording was set up


I DO understand that ALL recordings are now stored on a 'MASTER' HDD so that it's possible to watch recordings from any box via 'streaming', instead of when they were V6 boxes where the programs were stored on whichever box had the Series link added 

I also would've expected to see ALL the recordings IF I have/had 'Shared' profile selected,

BUT I had MY profile selected so I would've expect only MY recordings would show up, just as if 'Other Half' had their profile selected then ONLY their recordings would show up.

As I mentioned the other half isn't so tech savy as me & she deleted all the stuff that I had recorded because she didn't recognised any of it.
This would not of happened IF my stuff didn't show up when she selected HER profile.

I consider this is a major oversight by the software developers & I just want to know IF they are aware of it AND if so IF they plan to make a fix

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Both the quotes you state from virgin mention watch lists being linked to profiles and not recordings which are two entirely different things.