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360 Box Pixellating

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I recently had to switch to Virgin 360 as the Hard Drive failed on my TivO box. Ever since then i;ve had random glitches / pixellation on the lower part of the screen. Its especially noticeable on catchup or recordings. I never had any picture break up on the previous box(es) and the wiring has remained the same. I have noticed however that since Virgin did some "improvements" to the infrastructure when they enabled their minimum speed guarantee for Internet my Internet has been completely unreliable - ironic...  The service is much poorer over the last couple of months and with the loss of Internet stability I may finally bite the bullet and move on - especially as we now have access to FTTP in my area (which I suspect is why Virgin are rushing to improve the old infrastructure here - even though they're breaking more than they're fixing).

Anyway back to the topic anyone know what I can do to regain the picture quality I used to have?




Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

Firstly, if you were told you "had to" switch to TV360 because of a faulty TiVo, you were misadvised. TiVo's are replaced with V6 which run the exact same TiVo-software you were used to. A conversion from TiVo or V6 to TV360 is completely voluntary.

All that said, the conversion of your TV box won't have anything to do with your internet speed but I would suggest posting some details in - other forum users who have expertise in broadband issues won't necessarily see your post in this TV section.

As for the pixellation, standard advice applies that this is often the sign of a signal fault. If you've rebooted your box once, then there's likely a fault somewhere, so this will need VM to intervene. You're likely to need either an engineer visit or a replacement box, depending on what VM's remote diagnostics turn up. It is entirely possible the poor speeds and intermittent broadband speeds are related.

First check the automated faults line for any existing issues in your area that could be the cause: 0800 5610061. If nothing's reported, assume VM don't know about your fault and ideally you'll need to call them.

150 from a VM phone, 0345 4541111 from any other phone - choose the options for "I have a fault with my TV service". Alternatively you can wait on here for staff to respond, which may take a day or so.

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Forum Team
Forum Team

Hey @Dinalt thanks for reaching out to us and a warm welcome to the Virgin Media forums.

I'm sorry to hear about the issues with the pixilation on the TV 360.
If there are any maintenance works being completed in the area then yes it may affect the broadband and the TV services.
You can check on here to see if there are any area issues.

May I ask if you're able to check with another HDMI cable to see if the pixilation continues?
Please let us know.

Kind regards,

Forum Team

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