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2 hours 6 minutes 4 call agents all asking security clearance why?

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Just to add the total call was 2hrs.6 mins - got put though to your cust care team apparently - didnt give me there name didnt apologise was told by 3rd agent I would DEFINTELY not be asked for security again - sure enough security asked - dogs barking in the background - sounded like a Leeds or Manchester accent - after 2 hours you care team said - theres a 14 day delay for online offers!!!! Why couldnt one of your other 3 tell me that. What is the point or who has the energy to now do what you suggest and call again and wait another 2 hours - who does that! 20 years ive suffered poor service right through from when you were NTL and one of your engineers who i waited in all day for told me the fix was to put blue tack under the card to keep the service going. Instead of me calling you and waiting 2 hours - just fix it - youve got the details - you putting a cheap shot response in here for others to think you're a caring willing to get things done kinda company is cheap. You're useless and you've been useless for 20 years

OMG - just did the whatsapp thing as you suggested and ive been taken through to options that arent relevant again. Readers honestly I rarely feel this strong but do not go near these


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Very Insightful Person

@Coshy22 wrote:

2 hours 6 minutes 4 call agents all asking security clearance why?

If an agent warm transfers you to another agent (they stay on the line with you and speak to the next agent and advise that DPA has been passed then there should be no need for the new agent to perform security clearance again) otherwise agents must perfom DPA again to try and ensure it is still the account holder on the line (the original caller may have passed the phone to another family member/friend etc)

In the past I've worked in call centres for a number of companies, some in broadband/tv/mobile and also energy suppliers. At one time the energy company I was working for where fined a large sum by Ofgem for failing to complete DPA on cold transfers. The energy company therefore insisted that going forward all agents had to complete DPA with each transferred call, even those that where warm transfers (it was a bit overboard with the warm transfers still having to complete DPA again with the receiiving agent). Failure to do so by the agent could result in instant dismissal and further fines for the energy company.

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