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Porting Issue


I really hope someone could help with this, I've had to resort to asking on here as my services provider and other parties involved are messing around. So I've always been with Virgin Media and recently moved to Sky for phone and broadband services. So had a BT openreach engineer come and install the phone and broadband, so during this time the number was ported over from VM to Sky. Then after a 3 days due to poor broadband service I cancelled my sky services during cooling off period and agreed a deal with VM again and started the porting process again but back to VM.

Something happened and the number wasn't ported over and 14 day porting timescale expired as sky said virgin didn't put in a request and due to sky services by then being cancelled the number ended up with BT as they originally owned the number when 20+ years ago I was with BT. So now after speaking to the VM porting team, they said that BT have rejected the port request and asked them to do it again, then again rejected it. 

Nobody from BT seems to be able to help as im not a BT customer, virgin cant get any luck in getting the number back over from BT. I've been with Virgin for over 16+ years and even during my 3 days with Sky my virgin services were still active so I never officially left. 

The porting team are advising me to get new services with BT or sky and get the number back, RE THEY KIDDING ME? what kind of customer service are they offering in them call centres in India. 

The entire coming back to Virgin media has been a nightmare from the wrong installation to the number not being ported over. I was assured from day one of new deal being agreed that number would be ported over no problem, even the retentions team when correcting previous mistakes assured me it would be ported over within 10 days. 

Why am I being asked to contact these companies when its not my issue, I pay VM and agreement is that is VM's job. I'm not sure if the correct porting requests are being sent but I cannot afford to lose a number ive had for 20+ years.

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Re: Porting Issue

Thanks for getting in touch with us deltacharlie10.


I'm sorry to hear of the current situation regarding your number porting from Sky to us. I would need to take some further details for me to look deeper into the issues and see if I can help to get this port sorted out.


Please respond to the private message that I've sent and we can start looking into this.