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New Customer - still waiting for old phone number to be transferred and complaints team to contact me

Here's the story so far.

VM sales guy takes you through everything an confirms that VM can take on the existing Sky land line number. Great go for it. 

2 weeks later Install Engineer arrive and install the line. I ask, did they change to land line number. Engineer says no, but call 150 and they can do it!

I call 150, wait 40 minutes for someone to answer. Very pee'd off new VM customer of 90 minutes. Customer Services guy says yeah we can do that, I'll get it sorted for you. Yes the number is active for the next 3 days. Customer service says it'll take until 6th August to change. Unhappy new VM customer but stuck in your process.

7th August, land line not swapped. People still can't contact us as they don't have the VM temporary number (I hope temporary, Mrs B is going mental about this). Call 150, takes 30 mins to get through and another 20 mins to get to the right department. No number hasn't been changed. VM tried 2 days after the line went inactive and didn't do anything like contact Sky to reactivate it! Customer Services guy says he can get this done. I also raise a complaint COM103585963 about this and a couple of other things, I'm told the complaints team will contact me on my mobile within 24-48 hours which has also now go by.

Some of the questions I want answering are:

When will the land line number be changed to our old Sky one?

When will the Complaints team actual get around to contact me? And while you're at it you can add the fact that you haven't contact me, even by text to say your still dealing with i,to the complaint. 

Your customer service is shocking. Also sending me a survey to ask how well you did when I contacted you is just running salt in the wounds.

Just sort yourselves out please, the only thing that I'm happy with so far is that the fiber connection works fine and has no problems!


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Re: New Customer - still waiting for old phone number to be transferred and complaints team to co...

Hi Tolen,


Thank you for your post. I'm sorry to hear this.


Do you know if your services have been disconnected with your previous supplier? 



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