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Incoming calls - phone not ringing

Yesterday when I tried call home, my girlfriend wasn't picking up the line. Then she told me phone wasn't ringing. Today I tried by myself. I am able to make a phone call, but if someone calling me, phone is not ringing. I tried different handset (both are corded) and it was the same problem. I ran the test on VM website and no faults found. Can anyone help me with this?

Thank you very much in advance for any suggestions and ideas.

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Re: Incoming calls - phone not ringing

There is definitely a fault on the line. Could you call Virgin Media on a different phone on 03454541111 so they can do some more tests on the line with you and explain you tried two different phones and experienced the same problem.

I recommend you use a different phone to call them as they can’t do a proper line test while using the line.

I hope they can sort this for you. One last thing when you call your mobile from the landline, is the right number showing up? If it’s not then you have a crossed line which explains why the phone doesn’t ring 

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Forum Team
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Re: Incoming calls - phone not ringing

Hi there got2, 


Welcome to your forums and for your first post - sorry to understand that you're having some issues with your landline. 

Are you still able to make an outgoing call? As nick_london asks, if/when you call out from your landline to your mobile, does it show your landline number correctly? (You can also call 174/ 175 and it will read back the number you are connected to)


I have located your account from your Forum account and as such I've popped you a Private Message so we can go through some checks - just look out for the purple envelope and reply when you can if you still need help. 



Katie - Forum Team

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