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Don't have a phone - But charged for calls


I've just recieved my latest bill, which was slightly more expensive than the previous months (it's never any different so it stuck out)...

I currently have: Player TV, 100 Broadband & Talk Weekends Phone

After taking a look into it, I can see that I've been charged an extra £1.48 for 2 phone calls made on the same day for the same duration of 4 minutes exactly. After looking up the phone numbers, one is for a dental surgery about 45 mins drive away, and the other is for a "Children and Family Centre" in the town I live...

I don't have, and have never had, a phone connected in my house - I only have Talk Weekends as part of my contract because it was more expensive when I removed it from my contract.

So this is obviously a mistake, but I am even more concerned now as I've just logged into my account and found another call that was made yesterday apparently. From the looks of my account, I'm going to be charged another £0.47 for a call made yesterday for 2 minutes exactly. This number is to another Dental practice in London...

What should I do regarding this? I don't even own a phone (only a mobile - which is not with Virgin Media), so I am definitely not prepared to pay for any extra phone charges on my bill. I'd really prefer not to have to call Virgin, because I've had to in the past for my parents and it was a nightmare and took forever...



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Re: Don't have a phone - But charged for calls

Hi MarkyUK,

Thanks for your post.

Very sorry to hear you are having trouble with this, there could be a number of reasons as to why this has happened so I would love to take a closed look into this for you. 

To be able to do this, I would need some further information from you. I'll drop you a PM asking for the details I would need, if you can reply to that, I will be more than happy to help.