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Customer service from hell

I asked for a number to be ported 3 weeks ago and the degenerate on the phone said it has been processed after 30 minutes of contradictory circling of **bleep**. To my surprise, my phone has been inactive for these 3 weeks, how could I have known? Who rings their own number to find out? I've missed out on weeks of freelance web design business.

Maybe if you didn't hire inbreds from slums with no training and maybe if your UK based teams didn't speak to customers like we're the ones getting paid for our time and like we shouldn't expect decent service, your trustpilot review score would be more than 1*.

Your company is full of vile scum and I cannot wait until it goes bust, you can't be successful when you don't give a single **bleep** about your customers, it doesn't matter how much of a monopoly your broadband has over the market.

Good thing I got a measly £20 compensation off my next bill for not having my **bleep** phone line for 3 weeks.



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