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Can anyone explain why it takes so long for VM to respond and send a 'service technician' and also why, when the fault on your phone is not your equipment but at the exchange you have to take time off work to be in the property.

Two faults since June 1st - first fault took 9 days for the technician to turn up - fault at exchange not my equipment. Now have a crossed line and apparently the first available  appointment is 18th July and I have to take more time off work although it's obvious he fault must be the cabling or exchange not my phone which is working but is now some other VM customers number who lives down the road! I am changing to BT. VM have absolutely no customer service whatsoever and you cannot talk to anyone who can actually deal with a complaint. The employees must be embarrassed to work at the call centres

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Re: Complaints

Hi trident0653,

Thanks for coming by and welcome to the community. Smiley Happy

I am sorry to hear that you've been having trouble with your Landline service.  This isn't good to hear.  I would like to help and follow this issue and see how it all goes tomorrow when the engineer visits. 

Technician availability can vary.  Sometimes there can be an appointment the next day or there can be a wait of a few days we always try and ensure we can send someone as soon as possible.

I know it can be very frustrating to wait for an engineer when your service isn't working.  I'd like to get some further details from you so I will send you a private message.  Look for the purple envelope icon above.


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