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Cancelling contract due to Super Hub 3 issues

Hi all, 

I've have constant issues with the SH3 dropping out and losing WiFi connection on devices throughout the house.

Has anyone had any success in cancelling their contract on the basis that the SH3 equipment supplied is not fit for purpose?

I'm now unfortunately acutely aware of the Puma Chipset issues in the SH3 (wish i had been before i signed up, but thats my fault).

I'm 7 months in to 18 month contract.



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Re: Cancelling contract due to Super Hub 3 issues


Sorry to hear of the connection trouble, though checking your service it appears that you don't have a Hub3 (assuming we're checking the correct account here).

It would be helpful if you could drop us an update from your home (VM) connection, and let us know if it's both wired and WiFi connections that suffer the drop outs.

If you haven't done so already you can also find additional troubleshooting support on our help pages 'Getting the best WiFi Signal'.

Speak to you soon.

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