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BT 8500 with Built in Call Guardian Not working with Virgin - Turns out I was LIED too

I've had a quad set of BT8500 phones for about a year, they worked perfectly when I was with sky. Anyone in my contacs/phonebook could get through... everyone else, or withheld numbers had to announce themselves. I then get the call and have the option of 1,2,3 or 4 to accept, always accept, reject or send to voicemail. Since switching to virgin I've had nothing but problems with this no longer working.

At first I thought it was because quite a lot of people I know have their number withheld by default... So I reprogrammed my mums phone (I got her some identical BT8500s too) when I was visiting to add 1470 when calling me... But I still had the same issue. It took me weeks of wondering what was going on... until I discovered that Virgin can't be bothered to give their customers caller ID like Sky do without charging a ridiculous price for it.

When I signed up to switch from Sky to Virgin, I went through what I had with Sky and that I wanted the exact same package with VM. What I got isn't close as not only do I not have caller ID included I'm not even getting the all inclusive calls that i got with Sky. I was paying £46.99 for Sky fibre, phone line and free calls 24/7 to anywhere in the UK and 30 international destinations. I signed up to VM because I was supposed to be getting the same for £32 for 12 months and £40 a month afterwards.

After doing the math on what it will cost to add those 'features' that were promised and not given... means that I'll actually be paying more with VM than I was with Sky.

To be blunt... I feel ripped off, conned and lied to. I'm now tied into a 12 month contract... But rest assured that as soon as my 12 months are up... I'm leaving unless I get what was promised to me at the price I was told it would be. I'll also be switching my mobile... and as I pay for my mums mobile too... that's another customer lost as well. Neither mobile is tied to any contract so I can switch those immediately.

Thoroughly disgusted with all of this.. and don't get me started on the damage they engineer did to my lounge when installing. Managed to pull a 2 meter section of skirting board of the wall when fitting the new box inside and just propped it back up without bothering to repair the damage at all. So now I have to repair damage done to install a service that isn't what it was claimed to be. If some one from virgin doesn't sort this out, I'm actually wondering if there's grounds for breach of contract as the service I have isn't what I was promised/ordered.

I feel like I was mislead and decieved just to get me hooked on some bait and switch scam. At first i thought the fibre side of my package was pretty good aside from the miserable 5Mbps upload speeds that are a quarter of what I was getting with Sky. My upload should be at least 20-25% of download speeds not 5%. I can no longer stream my own media from my little mediaserver at home to me phone/tablet with such a pitiful upstream rate. Becoming a VM customer leaves a nasty taste in my mouth now... DO NOT BELIEVE THE LIES they tell you to get you to sign up.

On a positive note... the BT8500 phones are damn good... My mum was getting half a dozen or more spam/scam calls a day from scumbags trying to convince her to part with personal info and bank details.. Luckily I've taught her well so she never falls for them... Since installing those phones... not a single scammer gets through anymore. She still gets called, but they hang up. I reset her calls list every week and over the course of 7 days she averages between 30-40 of them still. So if you want to stop those kinds of calls... I heartily recommend them as a good buy. You can pick up a quad set of refurbished ones for around £50 now too.

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Re: BT 8500 with Built in Call Guardian Not working with Virgin - Turns out I was LIED too

Hi Heckleruk,

Thanks for coming by.

I am sorry to hear that the services aren't what you expected.  I'd like to help with this and take closer look at your case for you.  Firstly, I need some details if that's ok?  I will request them in a private message, if you have a look for the purple envelope icon above there will be a message waiting for you.




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Re: BT 8500 with Built in Call Guardian Not working with Virgin - Turns out I was LIED too

bt 8500 phones are excellent - just one confusing quirk - we found that if you want to add a local landline number to contacts or to allowed numbers, you must omit the area code prefix, and add only the local 6 digits.. took us a while to get that right as some of the BT help says to do the opposite.

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