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When is this being rolled out to me?

Joining in

Is there a schedule to find out when I will receive a letter and/or adapter to make the switch to fibre land line?


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi @JimChuck


Welcome to our Community Forums and thanks for posting. 


We have recently started sending customers letters regarding the switch over. 


I can not see anything on your account just yet but I would imagine your personalised letter will also be issued shortly. 


Do let us know if nothing arrives. 

Forum Team

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Thanks for your response. Is it possible to get a paperless version of the letter sent to me?  Is it being rolled out by area or can I request being fast tracked? Thanks again

Morning @JimChuck


After checking your account it is advising that you are currently not eligible for migration as yet, I am sorry. As and when your area is ready, you will be notified.  At the time of writing, we have been advised that this will be via letter. 



Katie - Forum Team

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Firstly, I am having to piggyback onto this thread as I only have the ability to reply, I don't seem to have the privilege to create my own topic for some reason.

My issue is that the email I have received states:

"On 28 June your home phone service will be switched from the traditional phone line over to our fibre network."

"Frequently asked questions - What happens if I don’t book a technician visit?
After 19 May you will only be able to receive inbound calls and dial 999."

I'm assuming that's an error and I won't be without service for 6 weeks! How can I find the correct date for the switchover?