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Phone downstairs, Hub upstairs

Joining in

Our main phone connection is downstairs near to the original location of our hub. We moved the hub upstairs to obtain better coverage but this means it is nowhere near the base unit for our phone.

Will we have to move the base unit of the phone to be nearer to the hub or is there some other solution? We do not want to move the hub as it is in the optimal position for wi-fi coverage in our house.

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No help, just like the rest.

Now unless I've managed to miss the bleeding' obvious here, I really don't see how this conversation is going round and round in circles like the Magic Roundabout!

@PaulH2011 a single cable comes into your property to the box on the outside wall, at this point (probably, obviously I haven't seen it), it splits into two, one goes upstairs to the VM hub, while the other goes downstairs to the TV box (TiVo or V6, doesn't matter). Now if you want the phone's base station to stay where it is (downstairs, near to where the TV is), there only only two options, either run a phone cable directly from where the base station is up to where the hub is now - which you don't want, or move the VM Hub downstairs to where the phone is and when the switchover happens the phone, instead of going into a wall socket, plugs into the hub.

So all that is needed is to remove the splitter from where it is now (probably in the box outside), disconnect the cable going upstairs and join the feed from the outside world directly to the cable going downstairs to the TV box. Disconnect the TV box, attach the splitter to the cable there and then have two shorter cables, one linking to the TV box and the other to the hub which you have now brought down and positioned in a convenient point close to the where the phone is. In April, plug the phone into the hub (small adapter required, the engineer should have one). Job done.

Unless, as I said, I've managed to miss something.

One problem though, in your first post you mention that you were loath to move the hub as it was in an optimum position for WiFi throughout the house. So you might find you have connectivity problems upstairs and you may need some kind of booster. Won't know until you try it though and cross that bridge when and if we come to it.

Goodness me, why the other responders couldn't have asked the same simple question and said what you say here I have no idea!  Bleedin' Obvious and Magic Roundabout indeed.

The computers are currently cabled to the hub upstairs and would be using wifi if the hub moved, but as we use two tablets downstairs (immediately below the hub) with good signals I don't anticipate a problem.  The point is, I now have enough information to decide what to do before April.  Thank you!


Update - the 'simple question' I refer to was asked on another thread where I was trying to get answers.

Tuning in

Can I ask another simple question? Rather than run a hard wired telephone extension cable between upstairs & downstairs, would a power extender work? 

Aren't they for wifi for computers, tablets etc.?  You would need to plug a conventional landline phone in to something to generate wifi or similar signals, then probably back again to plug into phone socket in the hub, and that would have to be able to generate the DC to operate the phone and the AC for the ringer.

I am using them around the house for wired broadband connection between floors, at the moment.

I was just curious if anyone has tried using them with this VOIP telephone service. I don't get mine until the end of April so cannot experiment until then

Hey @yehudi,

Welcome back to the community and thanks for taking the time to post here on the forums.
Unfortunately a power extender wouldn't work as the phone would need to be plugged into the socket on the back of the hub or an extension socket.

We can however install extensions in other rooms of your house that connect with the hub, so that you wouldn't need to run extension cables up and down stairs.



Would the installation of other extension sockets be FOC?

Yes @yehudi, the install can be arranged FOC as part of the home phone changeover process. We can get this arranged, once the changeover has gone ahead.