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Phone downstairs, Hub upstairs

Joining in

Our main phone connection is downstairs near to the original location of our hub. We moved the hub upstairs to obtain better coverage but this means it is nowhere near the base unit for our phone.

Will we have to move the base unit of the phone to be nearer to the hub or is there some other solution? We do not want to move the hub as it is in the optimal position for wi-fi coverage in our house.

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Hello littlewren16.

Thanks for your post.

When you do have the switch to fibre date, can you let us know and we can arrange for one of our Technicians to attend and rewire the existing socket up. That way you can keep the set up as it already is.


Tuning in

Hi there, I have the exact same issue as the title of this thread. 

My connection from outside comes in from the front of the house straight into the living room, which is where the house phone is located. 

The hub is upstairs, the cable enters the house in the same location as the phone connection, but it runs to the back wall of the living room, through the wall to outside, up the wall and back into the house into the bedroom where the hub is located. 

I don't want either the phone or hub locations to be changed, they're both in the perfect location for what they're used for. (Phone isn't for me, and the hub is in my room for PC etc).  

How is this going to be worked around? It seems quite ridiculous, bet the techs are delighted also. 


Hi there @Reedo86 

Thank you so much for your post and welcome to the community forums, it's great to have you back. 

We are so sorry that you are facing this issue with your phone and Hub for the new switchover. One potential fix here is to have a wireless phone. This way the base unit can stay connected to the Hub while the handset is where ever you need it to be.

Otherwise we would need to move one or the other, but the engineer would discuss locations with you before rewiring.