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Phone downstairs, Hub upstairs

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Our main phone connection is downstairs near to the original location of our hub. We moved the hub upstairs to obtain better coverage but this means it is nowhere near the base unit for our phone.

Will we have to move the base unit of the phone to be nearer to the hub or is there some other solution? We do not want to move the hub as it is in the optimal position for wi-fi coverage in our house.

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Less relevant, how so? Any way you may be interested to know that I've managed to find the cable that runs from the VM external box, into my house and connects to my internal landline system, so I can connect to one phone, I now need to by a 3 handset DECT system, more expense being forced on us hoi polloi.

It's not relevant because after the changeover the analogue wiring will no longer work and you have to plug phones etc. into the hub.  Unless you can find a way of connecting the existing socket wiring to the hub adapter, which is something I suggested earlier.

Thanks for coming back to us @GeoffTownley. I'm glad that you have been able to find and connect to your landline network.



Although I've found it, I haven't connected it as I need a way of connecting your little adaptor to the end of the cable which will just be bare wires, well when I've disconnected it from your exterior box and pulled it back into the house.

Like I said it should only be two wires.  Test the existing connection to find out which two (out of maybe four or six) have voltage, nominally 50v in the old full analogue days.  Then find which two pins in the adapter cable (out of four?) have voltage after the changeover.

Fibre optic

This is how I solved a similar problem to the one you are facing.

My changeover happened today. I did not have to deal with any bare wires, or do
any soldering.

Our VM hub is in my study on the first floor, connected via the VM ethernet cable
connected to a socket on the external wall, linked to an external cable going down
to the VM junction box downstairs, outside the house.

Internet devices around the house are connected to the hub via ethernet cable (one PC downstairs) or
powerline devices using the domestic electrical circuit or using wifi -- e.g. mobile phones.

The old VM phone cable came in through a downstairs wall to a socket in the
hall, to which our phone base (including recording machine) was connected via a
short standard phone cable ending in a small plug -- part of the phone base.

In preparation for the changeover, I installed a long phone cable (made of two
cables, joined in the middle because one cable was not long enough). The new
long connecting cable has a standard phone socket at one end downstairs near the
phone-base. The other end of the connecting cable, upstairs, has a standard
phone plug, waiting until today to be connected to the hub.

That plug now goes into the socket part of the short device received from VM
several weeks ago which has a plug at one end, that goes into the back of the VM
hub and a socket at the other end, for the cable from the phone.

Now that the changeover has occurred, I've plugged in the plug end of the long
cable from downstairs (i.e. plugged it into the socket on the new device at the
back of the VM hub), and unplugged the phone base cable from the old socket
(with external connection) and plugged it into the new phone socket at the
bottom end of the new connecting cable.

The phone worked immediately with its new connection. The hardest bit was using
a lot of cable clips on a vertical post in the stairwell, and along skirting
boards and the edge of the carpet on the upstairs landing, using small very
fiddly cable clips to keep the new long connecting cable (fairly) tidy.

In retrospect, I think the original package from VM should have included a diagram

showing a new connecting phone cable between between old phone (or phone base) and new
device at the back of the hub, for users who could not simply unplug their phone
cable from the existing phone socket, and plug it directly into the new device
at the back of the hub. I am amazed that VM people just assumed that all
customers would already have their VM hub close to their existing phone socket.


Thanks Aaron, but that's not what I want to i.e. install a new surface mounted cable,  I want to use the existing cable which is concealed behind the skirting, all I need to know is the colour coding between the Virgin cable and a BT phone cable which I've salvaged from an old phone, this will plug into the Virgin adapter.

Asbleigh_C wrote: "Yes you can just check the dialling tone for us"

Dialling tone is not an indicator. I thought my old connection was still working because I heard a dialling tone on my phone. But when I tried to phone out, or call the phone from a mobile it failed. The connection had already been changed, but that somehow did not affect the dialling tone!!

So I plugged in my planned new connection using previously routed connecting cable from phone base (downstairs) to hub (upstairs) and the phone then worked.

The suggestion of a long standard telephone extension cable was made weeks ago, and rejected by several people.

The thing about dial-tone is interesting.  I realised my service had been switched over when the hub suddenly rebooted while I was using the computer. Phone in old socket was dad, plugged into hub had dial-tone and dialled out.  It had neither beforehand.

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I have the same problem when originally was set up with the company I had the hub set up at the back of the house which meant hell of a lot of preparation going under floorboards to get the wiring done, but the phone line junction box is at the front of the house where all the phones throughout the house is wired from. 

1/ Im too old to go crawling under the floorboards now.

2/ I now have tv with bells and whistles which weighs a ton and masses of wiring to the hi fi right over the top of the cover to the cover to the entrance to getting under the floorboards.

Also the hub sockets are used bar one which will be can now only be used by 1 phone of the 4, 2 are connected to TV's and one to the computer.

So from a house of phone I now will be limited to one phone in the computer room and the phone in that room on the farside to my hub, and I won't hear in in the lounge especially with the TV on.

Also I don't use a mobile that's why I pay for a landline service, so how the hell Im I going to report my internet down. Which it often does but the phone hardly ever does, but when when the net goes down Im now isolated.

As said I'm going to have to leave the hub on all the time now rather when I wanted to use the computer or use the TV for a net service.

Can I keep my landline service or I'm forced to going thought a lot of trouble not of my making.