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If I keep old hub password on new hub, will everything work as previously?

Fibre optic

A VM engineer will come next week with a new hub for the landline changeover. If I have the new hub installed but retain the old hub password and the wifi password, will all my devices continue to work as normal? Or, with a new hub, will I have to update all passwords on all devices to keep them working?

As it happens, my phone is very old and it may not work with a hub. It is a Vanguard 4001AR, made in the 1990's, which can now be seen in the Museum of Design in Plastics. Does anyone know if it will work?

As I seldom use the VM line, I have the option of doing nothing. 


Hi @ahrbee.

Thanks for reaching out to us. In the event that you get a new Hub then yes, you would have to change all the devices over to the new Hubs WiFi name and password located on the bottom or rear of the Hub. You should of been provided a card with these on to save you moving the Hub around. You will not lose the use of your landline it will be switched over to the new telephoney system via the rear of the Hub 3 or above and become a digital telephone rather than a wall socketed copper line which are due to be switched out over time until final switch off in 2025. 

If you have a telephone in the wall socket with any life lines/pendants, burglar alarms or security, we would be to be notified so that we can arranged for all this to be fitted to the new system and advise the customer if they need to reach out to those providers.

I hope this helps.


Fibre optic

Thank you Sabrina. This is what I had feared but, earlier in this thread, I was told the following by one of your colleagues:

'Your new Hub will come with a factory generated WiFi name and passcode, so you’ll have to reconnect your devices.

Or, you can change the WiFi network name to mirror your current one. Just ask the technician about this when they come to visit.'

I took it that the second option would obviate the need to re-connect devices. it does not. I had the option of re-connecting all my devices [not easy for some of them] or not using the VM phone. I chose to keep my existing hub and use my mobile instead of the VM landline.


Hi @ahrbee

Can I ask what was the reasoning that a new Hub was required, is the other one faulty?


Fibre optic

My existing hub is fine. I must have a new one if I wish to keep the use of my landline when it switches to wifi from the wired connection.

What hub model do you currently have with ourselves?


Alessandro Volta

Only the hub 3 or later can provide landline via an RJ11 to BT adapter. If the handset does not ring then buy an adapter with a ring capacitor (costs about £6 on eBay I think) or get a modern handset.

It's a simple matter to change the WiFi SSID and password, see

Hub 5, TP-Link TL-SG108S 8-port gigabit switch, 360
My Broadband Ping - Roger's VM hub 5 broadband connection

I currently have a Super Hub 2 ac. When the service is up, it works fine. I know I need a later one to enable the land line to function in future. I was told [above] that the technician who came to install the new hub would be able to reset its settings to the settings on my old hub so that I would not have to re-enter passwords to all my devices [some of which are not easy]. This is not the case. The technician said I would have to re-enter passwords whatever he did. I therefore chose to keep my old hub to avoid the hassle in the knowledge that my landline [scarcely used] will no longer work.

I appreciate some people find these changes easy but some do not and right now, I am struggling with a primary e-mail account with a name and password that has suddenly become not recognised. One does of hassle goes a long way, especially when it is repeated at regular intervals.

Hi @ahrbee, thanks for getting back to us.

I am sorry, you're unhappy with the service currently being received. In regards to the email access issue, we’re aware of an issue that is affecting our Virgin Media email service for customers. Our teams are working to resolve the problem as quickly as possible, and we apologise for the inconvenience caused.
Regarding your hub, we would always recommend changing to more up to date equipment. We understand your reasons for not wishing to do so.  Please do reach out to us, if you ever wish to change your mind.



Fibre optic

Yes, I prefer to use up-to-date equipment but I was assured here that my existing hub would be secure and efficient. The technician who came with the new hub only mentioned a longer range as its benefit. We can live without longer range.

Given all the issues yesterday, I am pleased I was not trying to reset all our devices at that time. We had a perfect storm of o2 switch on the mobiles, potential hub replacement and system meltdown to deal with at the same time. In addition, I needed to renew my contract. With all that it happening, I am pleased to have 14 days to change my mind. 18 months of this hassle would be too much.


Thanks for getting back to us, @ahrbee

Please let us know if we can assist you, or if you need us to take a look at your account on your behalf.