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urgent sim card replacement

Joining in
  • Good morning, Please, I urgently need a replacement of my Sim card. I have been without my number for 3 months because I call and no one helps me by phone, Please help me, I have all my mobile applications blocked because they send me the security codes to that number, Please, I need help, Thank you

Forum Team
Forum Team

Hello Felix1977


Sorry to hear of both the mobile phone issues and the problems getting this looked into. We appreciate you taking the time to post on the forums and welcome to the community.


We've tried to locate an account for you based off of the details used to sign up for the forums but have been unable to find one. Can you expand on what has happened with the mobile SIM or account? Why has it been out of order for 3 months? What have the team advised is the issue and resolution offered?



I have called virgin media countless times but unfortunately i don't speak english well in the end they don't understand me either and they leave me without a sim card replacement, i lost my mobile with my sim card in september and i have paid my monthly fee responsibly but no one help me to get my sim replacement, please i need my sim card now

I have not been out for 3 months, I never canceled my service with virgin media because I have always tried to get a replacement for my SIM CARD And above all I pay the monthly fee for my bank account until now

I will send you a Private Message Felix1977 to help get this resolved for you, I'm sorry you have asked for help from the team but haven't received it. Keep a look out on the forum in the top right for the purple envelope when signed into the forum 🙂