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sim expiry paygo

 I received a text from Virgin Media stating "as we haven't noticed any recent activity on this SIM we'll be barring services. Need help? Just call 789".


i still get odd calls to this number who dont know i changed to anther vm number,

can you reset bar level please

Neil B - Big Red Shed
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Re: sim expiry paygo

 You must make a chargeable call 

From terms and conditions 


3.8 Keep talking!: You need to use our Services at least once within any 90 day period either by making a chargeable call or sending a text message. If you don’t we may suspend your access to the Services and cancel this Agreement. If we cancel this Agreement, you may lose your phone number and any unused Top Up credit on your account (see Clause 10.3). We don’t really want to lose you as a customer so please ensure you keep talking or texting!

3.5 No refund: If you don’t use all of the credit in any Top Up that you purchase, or such Top Up expires (if applicable) then we will not give you a refund for it. If this Agreement is cancelled (unless you cancel in accordance with Clause 5.4) then you will also lose any credit you have on your account and we will not refund it to you.



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