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replacement sim not working

Joining in

god why is it so hard to get support from your company, ive had to make a forums account because dialing 150 or 789 doesnt work.

i requested a replacement sim and put it in im getting full bars and can recieve calls and texts but cant send any out or make phone calls. also my 4g doesnt work. 

what am i paying for?? been like this for 2 days now. can someone fix this quickly i need a phone.


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi there helpmeforfsake, thanks for posting on our help forum.

We're sorry to hear of the issue with your replacement SIM not working, also that you cannot call 789 either.

Could you please advise on when we sent the SIM out and when you received it? 
Also, did you get a text message that the new SIM card had activated when you inserted it to your device?

Does the SIM work on any other phones if possible to check this too?
Let us know, eager to assist further with this.

Forum Team

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We're sorry to hear you feel the response was useless. These questions are to help us diagnose the issue and work to resolve it.