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"Dialled a wrong number" message w. WiFi Calling

About 2 weeks ago I ported my number from Three to Virgin Mobile, to a new SIM that I got with my broadband package. (Extra Ooomph).

I have noticed that other people calling me cannot get through. My phone does not ring, and the caller hears a spoken message saying: "You have dialled an incorrect number, please check the number and redial."

The dialled number is correct. If the caller turns off WiFi calling and redials then my phone does ring and the call goes through. The callers do not have problems calling other numbers with WiFi calling turned on. They used to be able to call me using WiFi calling when my number was with Three. They can call other Virgin Mobile numbers using WiFi calling.

It does not make any difference if I have WiFi calling on or off. We would all like to have WiFi calling on all of the time because the mobile signal is not good in the house.

My phone is a Samsung A40 with Android 10. The calling phones are Samung Note10 and Samsung S10e with Android 11.


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Re: "Dialled a wrong number" message w. WiFi Calling

Hi Emack, 

Thanks for your post 🙂 

I am sorry to hear this is your wifi calling setting switch on? Does it work in a different device/handset


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