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poor signal since O2 swap over

Knows their stuff

As per title.

When VM were with EE, had 5 bars signal almost 100% of the area. 

Then VM move3d over to Vodaphone and signal strength dropped from 5 bars to 3-4 at best, and sometimes no 4g at all, and phone dropped back onto 3g, and started getting no mobile internet in areas where it was 4g on EE..

VM sent me 2 new sims, and I was askes to check them in another phone. All the Voda sims were poor, in both handsets I have, and I have struggled along on these for a while, rather than swap provider, hoping that the O2 move might sort it out. (as repeatedly suggested by staff!!)

Sadly, it's WORSE. no signal at all in several places where I visit, and only 3g (E) signal in others. 4G seems to be almost non existent, rarely getting anything above 3 bars when I do. 

Paying for 4G, getting 3g if I'm lucky.  (and yes, O2's signal strength app speaks with forked tongue!!) telling me I have good signal everywhere!! 

Spare phone currently on '3', and gets 4G  5 bars everywhere, in either my spare or my personal handset, yet the O2 gets 3G mostly, 4G sometimes, in both, so it's NOT the handset!!

Like many, many others reporting the same thing, think it's time to go back to either EE or 3, as both have vastly superior coverage than Voda (which is poor)  or O2 (which is even worse!!)

Considering I have a Nokia new X10, and can't get decent 4G from O2, yet my older Blackberry gets 4G on '3' in more locations than the Nokia/O2 does!!

VM went from EE, (great signal) to Voda, (average signal) to O2, (poor signal) yet the price goes up and up!! Obviously, this isn't going to get any better, so time to move on.....


Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

@HughJarsse If I remember rightly you have been talking of moving on for a while.

O2 it is now, in fact I you stay you become an O2 customer when your account is switched over

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Knows their stuff

To be honest Enlli, I had 5 phones with VM, now just the 1, the others have all gone to '3', and this one may well be following them.

Hung on as staff suggested the O2 move would make things better !! 😂

Know we were moved to O2 sim a while ago, and don't think I will be happy with the level of signal if it's not going to get any better. 

There are far, far better providers out there, (5G now becoming more available where I am, ironically, and at a sensible price too!!) 

The 'signal checkers' bear no resemblance to the 'truth' of the strength of signal in any given area, just a 'rose tinted' optimistic assessment. 

VM are not really interested, as they now have the added incentive to 'pass the buck' onto O2, rather than address it themselves. Sell the service, take the cash, and pass the buck when it doesn't work. Classic!! 🤐 

Thanks for your post on our Community Forums @HughJarsse, and welcome back to our Community Forums!

I'm sorry to read that you've been experiencing multiple issues with the O2 supported sim cards.

If you wish to cancel the tariff with Virgin Media, do please give our team a call on 0345 600 0789 or 789 and we'll be able to process this for you.

Kindest regards,


Knows their stuff

Not too sure what's going on, but signal is now so poor, there's more 'dead' spots than 'live' where I live.

Bournemouth, Poole, and Christchurch  is 'supposed' to be 'great 4G, indoors and out' according to the O2 signal checker, but in reality, it's patchy outdoors, and non existant indoors.

Bought a new phone, (Nokia X10 5G) to see if it was my old phone, (but considering I tried the VM/O2 sim in 2 different ones and no change) I wasn't too hopeful. So it turned out. Even on the new Nokia, 4G patchy in BCP area. 

Nokia is 5G compatible, but, guess what, O2 has NO 5G coverage in my area!!

So, now moving over to Smarty, (run by '3') and getting a better deal, and 5G is supported here, (my spare phone, is on '3' (used just to get OTP/2FA because VM have NEVER solved that problem) and the sim worked great on the Nokia X10, and, low and behold, showed 5G !!

Can't swap over at the mo, as account 'soft locked' due to my move over to O2 on 1st June, but as soon as it's done, PAC will be requested, and move will be done. More for less, and 5G thrown in...Win/win for me,  loss for VM.