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order says parked?

anyone from the virgin team be able to help??

I ordered a phone from virgin media on Friday 18th and as i was filling everything out and confirming my order details, it said that the expected delivery time would be the next day on Saturday 19th. However Saturday came and no order!! 

I decided to check my order and when i went on it said it was ‘parked’ for further check and that someone would call me within 48hours of the time that my order has been placed. Well it has been over 48 hours now and no one rang me! I got in contact with the messaging team of Virgin Media who tried to help me out however when i had to put in a password to a forum it kept coming back as incorrect - it wouldn’t have been!

Its quite annoying how when you order the phone that they tell you it will be next day delivery and then it doesn’t turn up as promised!! I need the phone ASAP so i’m not happy with the service.

I’ve read a few forums where people have had the same thing happen to them with the order being parked and no one on the call or text team being able to help them out. - From this experience so far i definitely won’t be recommending this service to anyone.

I just want my phone as I need it soon as poss!! So if anyone could help get this sorted out and my order out of parked and on the way to being delivered that would be very much appreciated! Thank You

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Re: order says parked?

Hi chloe98,


Welcome to the community and thank you for your post. 


I'm very sorry you haven't heard back from our team concerning the parked order. 


This is something we do need to look into for you. 


I will private message so we can get this looked into. 



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