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oomph SIM swap number

Hi, hoping I will have more luck with the community than customer services.

I have ported out my number linked to my Ultimate Oomph Unlimited SIM and now need a new number and SIM to see out the remainder of my contract. 

When contacting customers services and then the oomph team to make sure my SIM was ordered, I was told this was not possible and my oomph unlimited deal was now cancelled. I politely challenged, explaining the VM website stated I would be sent a new SIM and number. They duly checked with their supervisor and restated, my service was cancelled and there was no way to continue. I explained it clearly states in my contract that I would be sent a new SIM and number. To no avail. The only option they gave was to pay for new service with some great black Friday details if I wanted to stay with Virgin! Very frustrating

Please can someone in the community advise on what I should do next to make sure I get a new SIM and number?? I am left without a service I am paying for!!

Below is the relevant section from my contract:

If you cancel your mobile service by using your PAC code to switch to
a new mobile service provider your SIM will stop working and we will
be unable to provide mobile services to you using the same mobile
number. Depending on the services you have in your package we
will either:
1. automatically move your other services to the nearest equivalent
package without a mobile service taking into account your current
allowances and usage; or
2. where there is no equivalent package we will send you a new SIM
with a new number as soon as possible to enable you to continue
using your service as usual.
If you end your mobile service your other services will continue
and your minimum period will be unaffected.
If we have to send you a new SIM in accordance with Section
L.2.2 we may need to run a credit check on your account. If your
account is in arrears, or if your payment history is poor, you may
be required to clear your balance before we can send you a new


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