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my phone number no longer works, can anyone help?

Joining in

I moved to Virgin a month ago and ported my number, it transferred across fine. Yesterday I got an I phone notification saying that I needed to reinsert my SIM as my number was no longer available for FaceTime or I message. I reinserted the sim, but the number showing on my I phone has reverted back to the temporary number I was given and I can't change it. 

I am using an I phone 11

On settings>phone it shows the temporary number (if I change it and save it just reverts back)

On Settings>messages>iMessage it will only allow me to select the temporary number 

On my I cloud settings for the phone that's registered it's showing the temporary number. 

I contacted Virgin help they're saying it's an Apple issue and I have to wait for a new SIM card, this means I am uncontactable by a bunch of clients which is a huge problem. 

Can anyone help? or offer any advice. Thank you 


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hey SF4,

Welcome to the community and thanks for taking the time to post here on the forums.
I’m sorry to hear of the issues that you’re having with your mobile services after your number transfer. 

I would be happy to take a further look into this for you but first I would need to confirm a few details via private message, please look out for my message and we can get started.
Kind Regards,



Google shows this has happened before, try this:

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Go to Messages
  3. Switch OFF iMessage
  4. Switch ON iMessage
  5. Wait for it to finish activating iMessage
  6. Scroll down to "Send & Receive number" and replace it with your new number - start with +44 instead of 0.
  7. Once it's done, reboot your phone.

After, follow these instructions to reset "My Number"

  1. Go to Settings, then Phone, then My Number
  2. Replace the number you see in there with your new number - start with +44instead of 0.
  3. Tap Save

Might be worth a try.

Kind Regards,




I do not work for VM. Services: 2 x HD TV (+ Sky Sports, BT sport), x2 Tivo boxes (WiFi) Hub5 1gb, Talk Weekend Phone on IP, o2 Mobile SIM on iPhone, unlimited data, texts & minutes.

I can not tell you how many times I've tried all the different fixes (think I've got RSI from switching it on and off and ejecting the SIM). 

But following the steps you said just worked, let's call it an Easter miracle!! thanks so much for your help 😀