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mobile not working in france on orange fr

Since changing my sim card in October 2018 my mobile will no longer work on orange France if i drive 10 miles up the road and it will connect to SFR phone will then work on data and mobile no problem .

Have spoken to help desk on at least 10 times to try and resolve problem they have refreshed settings at least 4 times checked settings of phone sent another sim card  but it will not work ....

My wife still has old sim card this works perfectly in her phone and my phone .

So far i have been without phone for 10 days in November and 7 days in December I will be going again in January the last person on help desk said he was going to contact orange fr in France and get them to check local mast this did not make any difference ,i asked for a old type sim to be sent he said this was not possible ,the help desk has not been helpful 

I think the time has come to cancel contract and get a sim card that works as no one seems to be able to solve problem


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Re: mobile not working in france on orange fr

there's a long running thread on that subject

my guess is that orange f isn't on the list of partners for france for the new purple sim cards issued since December 17

Where you can get them, SFR and Bouygues work well (even in 4g).

If you are in an orange only area, like you said, best to look for another provider.

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