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keep getting a push notification for voicemail have tried to stop it but cant now not connect to it

Joining in

keep getting a push notification for voicemail have tried to stop it by following info given but cant not connect to it at all now says call failed



Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi Anoyd,

Thanks for using the forums to get this issue with this phantom voicemail icon looked into, I am sorry if this has been causing some frustration. 

Can I ask what handset you're using please? 

Also, if you have another device handy could you try popping the SIM into a different device to see if the icon still appears? 

Have you tried rebooting the device and is it updated to the latest version?

I also have a link to our mobile help section here 👉 Virgin Mobile Help - Which might be of some use! 



Hi I have accessed my account via a pc and have switched voicemail off and on again so will see if that works. will let you know thanks for responding to my post.

Thanks for coming back to me Anoyd,

I really do hope that has helped! 

If not though, we will be here to help nevertheless, just give us the answers to my above questions and we will continue to assist if you need it 😊



Hi its a iphone xs with up to date sw 16.2 the push notification now seems to have stopped but I can not dial out or receive calls it goes straight to leave a message as it says I'm not available?? I  have restarted it no change.I will try a different handset in the morning  

I have just restarted the phone again and it is now working ok will monitor in the morning. Thanks

Thank you very much @Anoyd and we are so glad to hear that things are looking better. 


Please do keep let us know how things are looking after a few days.


Thanks again