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iPhone reading number from sim card rather than pulling the migrated number that I ported from GiffGaff

Tuning in

I changed networks in April and have issues with iMessage and Facetime not recognising my migrated number from GiffGaff. I get an error message requesting that I re-insert the sim card to use my number rather than the temporary sim number.
I have been through Apple Support to check for any hardware/software issues, and it seems that the migration hasn't been fully completed to enable my phone number to come through and be used on the phone. 
Please advise how I can sort this out so my contact details return to my preferred (and ported) number.


Tuning in

Hi Beth,

Unfortunately, I don't have any non-Apple devices to try it in. The SIM does seem to be working, but it is not reading the number correctly from the SIM. 

Yes, I have tried in both formats of the number, numerous times and it keeps reverting back to the temporary SIM number. 

I have had the case elevated to the highest Senior Advisor at Apple and they tested for everything that could be affecting it on the device and software side of things. They said (from experience in working in the migration of numbers between network providers) that it seems that the migration hasn't been fully completed which is why the phone number isn't being read on the app.

I would really like to find a resolution to this! It should have been a simple swap and my number should have come up - as it did in the past when I ported from O2 to GiffGaff.


Hi grinningblonde,

Thank you again for all the information. 

We can send out another SIM to you to see if that rectifies the issue, and we can have a closer look on our end too to see if we can see anything.

I've popped you over a private message so I can take some more details. Please look out for my message over at the white envelope.

Thanks 😊


Tuning in

Don't worry, I have resolved it myself through searching the internet!
Anyone with the same problem, follow these steps. I found that I needed to do the 'Network Reset' to get things working again.

Hi grinningblonde,

Ah that's great news, pleased to hear you were able to find a resolution that works for you.

If you have any further issues from here, just let us know. We'll be more than happy to help 😊