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iPhone 13 Pro Max Wait Times

Tuning in

Me and my partner have ordered some iPhone 13 Pro Max's on the 25th. We were expecting next day delivery and now we're being told we're going to have to wait? Does anyone have actually any idea how long we will be waiting for the phone.


Forum Team
Forum Team

Apologies for any delays with your delivery bennji20,

Welcome to the community.

Just to clarify, with the mobile order was all the necessary signed off? 

Also was a delivery date sent to yourself? 

Let us know,


It was on the phone, so we we're told we wouldn't be waiting long. And everything has been signed off completely fine. We accepted the agreements for the phones. We haven't heard anything at all.

Thank you for your speedy reply,


Thanks for the response there. 

Have you contacted our sales team since the original call at all via 0800 052 0238?

If so what's been advised there?

Thanks again,


I can't get through to anyone, and no disrespect it's impossible to try and get it sorted! Do you know roughly what the wait times are for the phones?

Kind Regards

You need the sales team as opposed to the customer service line Benn.

Select option "1" on the number above and you should be able to get in touch with the team regarding this. 

Many thanks,


Joining in
Hi, not sure if you have you phone yet but I got confirmation of my order completion on the 14th June. I was told it should be with me by the 20th (at the time of ordering.) Then it was pushed out to the 30th. I still haven't received it now with the tracking still saying "Estimated on 30th Jun 2022 between 7am and 9pm" and status "Ordered – Awaiting Stock Thanks! Your order is currently being processed at Virgin HQ and awaiting dispatch to Yodel" Having spoken to customer service they give no further estimate on when I will receive it. Extremely frustrating as I need it for an upcoming holiday