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how do i increase the amount of rings before the voicemail kicks in?

Joining in

how do i increase the amount of rings before the voicemail kicks in?

I have lost many calls as it only rings 3 or 4 times .

help please

device is a oukitel C 15 pro


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi @pawliRP


Thanks for posting on our community forum and a big warm welcome with this being your first post.


 If you received your SIM card after December 2017, you can also extend your ring time by:

  • +10 seconds, dial: *61+4474583332221110#
  • +15 seconds: *61+4474583332221115#
  • +20 seconds: *61+4474583332221120#
  • +25 seconds: *61+4474583332221125#
  • +30 seconds: *61+4474583332221130#

Please give the above a try and keep us updated with how you get on 🙂




Forum Team

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Hi Travis_M

Hiya .. thanks for helping

this message came straight back , after I inputted the +30 sec line

" connection problem or invalid MMI code"

I think it may be this mobile . Or is there a way of accessing the voicemail settings in voicemail , I haven't found anything so far .

I may have to change mobiles , this has a cracked screen as well .

just when i needed more bills like a hole in the head.

hey ho ... least i haven't been sacked like the chancellor .. tee heee

Oh no sorry to hear this pawliRP,

Unfortunately, you cannot change your voicemail rings within your voicemail settings.

Are you able to make any outbound calls or answer incoming calls?

Kind regards Jodi. 

I am going to pop you over a private message so I can make sure that your voicemail is active on your account pawliRP.

Please click on the purple envelope to accept the chat.

Kind regards Jodi.