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e-sim eSIM request from VM "Your new Virgin Media eSIM profile"

On our wavelength

I'm getting messages from virgin media this week about upgrading (mandatory) to an eSim.

Ok, but I already have one.

It would be absolutely daft of them to ask me to migrate to an eSim if I already have one, however, I won't assume. 
Having called the service center it seems that I must delete my current eSim and install this new eSIM
So far, we'll see!
I'll leave this here as I think the question is valid for other customers.



On our wavelength

Well I have "upgraded", and restarted my phone, activated the eSIM and at the moment I have no phone service
Let's see how this goes!

On our wavelength

activating the eSIM On device and plan page on my online account
An important step! might have to wait for 24 hours now....

On our wavelength
took about 30 minutes to get back up and running, good luck everyone!

Hello MattD101,

Thanks for your posts and Welcome to our Community.

Sorry to hear the issues you have had with the upgrade to Esim.

Good news to hear its all okay now.



Hi all,

I too received the message via text today to advise me to upgrade my existing e-sim. So I logged in via the virgin media mobile page, followed the instructions to download via QR code and since doing so I have no mobile service at all. It has been about 12 hours now.


I have called customer service only to be told they don't do e-sims anymore apparently and they would have to send me a physical sim even though I never had one to start with. This would mean 5 days or more with no phone.


Please help!

Hello gooding5,

Thank you for bringing this to our attention.

Sorry as well for the issues you are having with no network.

As you have already been in touch with our customer service team and had a sim sent out.

There is not much else we can do as it is down to Royal Mail to deliver the Sim.




I don't want to wait 5 days for a sim .I was all ok on my e sim.

So there is an issue with esim and your advising not to upgrade . Please can you put this helpful info on front page .


Hi gooding5,


Hi Gareth 

Thanks for your blank reply. Has your Esim stopped working also ??

Dont worry you will get a new one sent to you in five days !


Not good enough is it !