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details not recognised

Dialled in

I have been having a problem with my mobile phone recently so wanted to check if I could have it repaired or replaced. after searching through my emails I found the credit agreement details I needed but the webpage does not work. (see attached)

what a rubbish night. first my phone plays up then I find that the o2 site is the worst in the world. I have to scan a QR Code to get help from a human but my phone wont scan the code. The O2 app tells me that I can upgrade but my agreement says I cannot do that until the summer unless I want to pay for two handsets (ha ha)

lets hope that when samsung get back to me and tell me to factory reset the handset that it works or they will be able to repair it even if I have to travel miles and miles to the neares centre. their website doesnt like me either and wouldnt let me search for a repair centre without actually booking a repair so it seems they are by appointment only.

why has customer services become so hard to use?


Dialled in

i forgot the attachment (thats typical of me) so here it isScreenshot (10).png