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cannot speak to someone and have tried every online method

I have upgraded to OOMph for 1GB broadband and SIM.

I did not have PAC at time of switch - attempts to register for virgin media online account to select "switching" fail.  attempts to use the online chat fail at security.  attempts to call get me automatically go online and cut me off

I want to 

1) confirm I have a valid username and password and can register for the virgin mobile account - very annoying one account cant be used for media and mobile.

2) provide the PAC for immediate use

3) I can't use the virgin connect on my mobile as it does not recognise the Hub 4.

4) despite media account showing 1Gb applied - I am getting download speeds of 183mbps and upload of 51.3.   I have turned on and off, rebooted etc.  I'd like to know what the min and max speeds are i was guaranteed and why they are so low




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Re: cannot speak to someone and have tried every online method

Hello zoed1 🙂


Sorry to hear you're having problems registering for an online account and are unable to switch your number. 


With regards to your online account, can you confirm whether it's the mobile account you're having problems with? I just want to make sure that you're not trying to request for switch via your cable account.


Can you also confirm whether you're wanting to transfer a number into us from a different Provider? Can you clarify the direction for me please?


Regarding your cable account, for the Hub 4, please make sure you use the Sam Knows Speed Test . Can you first try a speedtest using a wired connection and make sure no other devices are connected or using the connection and let us know what it says? 





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